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Kobra-La Art Company was created in 1998 by artist Andy Howl and his then girlfriend Alainna, while living in Savannah, Georgia. The couple taught themselves screen printing in their tiny one bedroom apartment above an insurance agency in downtown Savannah. They sold their shirts to small gift shops and hip stores like Planet 3 in Savannah and Noir Leather in Detroit. Kobrala was originally launched via a cryptic series of hand bills stapled to telephone poles across downtown Savannah. The posters featured obscure esoteric slogans like "Knowers don't talk. Talkers don't know." and "Everyone has a snake inside... is yours a kobra?" Andy provided the iconic art and Alainna handled the printing and business side of the team.

It wasn't long before Kobrala hooked up with an online bookstore in 1998 which helped launch the company onto the web that summer. The couples high contrast art shirts were soon getting attention from magazines like Boston based Instant Magazine, Heads Magazine, Revolver, Alternative Press, the punk bible Maximum Rock N Roll, and many others.

Kobrala relocated back to Florida at the end of 2004 and the company soon expanded its catalogue to include new items. Long sleeve shirts with sleeve prints, skull caps, hand printed wall art pieces, and tribal masks imported from Indonesia.

Kobrala is now known worldwide and continues to expand its catalog and customer base. Retail orders are now handled by a third party printer and wholesale is managed in house.




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